Shower Units


  • Constructed of high molecular acrylic, fiberglass reinforced and insulated during manufacturing.
  • Luxury Bath installers set the bases in constructional foam, ensuring there is no movement, enabling a lifetime warranty against cracking and staining.
  • Sizes are available to replace almost all existing bases and tubs, making conversions fast and affordable.
  • Colors are available that compliment Luxury Bath acrylic and solid surface wall systems.
  • Installed in as little as one day, including removal of the existing shower or tub base, and installing your all new shower.
  • All Luxury Bath shower systems can be created to accommodate each customer’s safety and storage needs by the addition of shower seats, grab bars, handheld showers, doors and barrier free shower bases.
  • Latest Trend: The latest trend is removing large garden or whirlpool tubs and replacing with custom fit showers featuring body jets, seats, and dual shower heads.

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